?My life with PAT?s Experience?


?My life with PAT?s Experience?

Pat was an inspiration in my life, he is, he will be too.I have never had in idea to write anything, I am not a writer, but I would really like to share the experience of my life along with Pat.Pat is one among a few other persons, whom I met in my life, and I got to know finally that my life had a number of changes, My life really changed a lot. And that forced me to share these experiences with others.Below I will write about pat?s sayings, his story of life and a lot about him, and at last will introduce himself to you.
Pat says, Life is not as much simple as the books and quotes make it. I have observed life very carefully from a nearer point of view, and finally I got to lean a lot about life. The most difficult thing in this world is ?knowing yourselves? but one who try to discover himself finds him very precious. So this comes true as, ?I am me, a unique creature of god, I am born with my own talent and personality, No one in this world can replace me in God?s plan for the world. I have my own role to play. Ahh this really made my life beautiful, as I tried to discover my life, hmm still in process
life track
He use to say, There are a lot of things which sounds quite a bit strange in life but as soon as you try to get into them you find everything becoming nearer.
Every human being has a turning point in there life, each of us are here to struggle, nothing other than that, but the way everyone struggles is different. Nature has two laws which are implemented into the life of each and every person, according to me, it should be ?Happiness and Sorrow? Both of them are followed by each other, only difference is time, but I am damn sure as far as time is concerned they are into your lives in an equal ratio, that is if you get sorrows in your life for 2 yrs then there is a fixed deposit for some kind of happiness in your life for 2 yrs, but this does not mean that after some sorrow you get immediate happiness. Again Patience plays an important role over here. Now happiness may sound differently for each and everyone of us, for some Money is happiness, for some Achievements in life is happiness, for some materialistic world is happiness, for some spiritual life becomes happiness, so its never constant in everyone?s life. But I got to know that most of people think Success is happiness. But I would like to ask something to them, what do you mean by success? I don?t know the answer what they might be thinking, but according to me, success is living your own life peacefully, its as simple as how you enjoy your life. What happens if you are successful? You get motivated and start working on the next step. Now what happens if you are unsuccessful? I don?t think I would get a correct answer for this, but I think and I believe that Success in your life never gives you any experience in your life, rather failure gives you an enlightening experience in your life. This may sound strange, but its real. And if you think this way I hope you will find yourselves succeeding at every part of your life, as in this case you always do your own work without thinking about the results, do your work perfectly, do not worry about the output, it will be definitely good if you are good at your work. Try to welcome difficulties in your life, you will definitely find nothing difficult in your life. I do agree there are lots of problems in everyone?s life, but say me truly who didn?t have problems in there life? I should say, problems are the price paid for purchase of progress. And hope you have heard ?nothing in this world comes for free?, if you need something then you have to pay for it. Some one asked me sometimes a question ?which is the best English Word for you? I took just a second to answer and my answer was ?KNOWLEDGE?, yeah according to me it should be the best word, Why? Just try to close your eyes and start recalling your past, starting from childhood till now, you will get to know that, you do not have anything other then knowledge within you, and this is the only thing which remains in you through out your life. Everything will leave your for ever, but not knowledge, its difficult to gain but once gained even more difficult to forget or leave out. At every point of our life we gain some kind of knowledge, and as far as my life is concerned with knowledge even I can make a dog as my teacher too, because still I have a lot to know.
?My life is a struggle? I heard it from lot of people around me, yeah its correct we are all here to struggle. I would rather say ?Life is a war ? A war of Death?
Here is a small poem written by Pat Life is a dance ? Macabre
Where Risk is the mailed fist
Where we loose Patience facing Bad lots.
When Victory is a lottery
Sometimes even we are like a painted lady
Where even pains and penalties is to play a part
And to lead by nose at sometimes
But still then we have to jog along
And then only get desire to be a man of moment.

Struggle is an even formula for every odd problems, they are lucky who have struggle in there life, otherwise just imagine how would a life appear when you have the same kind of food everyday? They win, who struggles. There are a lot who keep on complaining to God about the happenings, but then they forget the quote – ? I was complaining to god about my broken Shoes, Till I did not find someone with no Legs? I use to ask a lot of question to Pat, as his answers makes me quite impressive. Sometimes I asked him, Pat what is your opinion about Love???

He smiled and just replied, it?s a liking ness for Humanity, Love is not as much easier as the Books and magazines make it, but then its not difficult too, you just need to put yourself into the correct track. True Love has always shown its affection for humanity in a whole, but not to restrict your growth by imaging your love for a single person. To say someone that you can love it throughout your life is just like saying that one candle will continue burning as long as you live. When you say you are in love with a particular person for whole of your life, you are sometimes wrong, as I believe you are just in idea of being in love with it. Where the truth stands still again, which proves that you are also in love with a lot of other things in this world. Our first and last love is Self Love. But one thing I can say, the movies are full of it, the books and magazine are full of it, the newspaper has it all, so how could someone avoid itself from this word ?LOVE? As per my experience, there is something known as Virtual Death, wanna acchive it??? Then love girl heartily and finally you achieve virtual death, when she rejects you. Well virtual death may sound rough, but again that is how I belive. love is much like a tattoo?you take the risk, face the pain & yet place it in a special part of you & and when the time comes that you need to erase it, you have to endure greater pain & realized that it will forever leave a scar. a scar that will always remind you that you had a tattoo, that for sometime symbolized something so special
I was like okay okay types with his answer?. Yeah upto some extend even this was correct.I asked him what is your opinion about friendship??? Friendship is the medicine of life, a cure for all kinds of hurts, especially for mental and emotional hurts. There are a lot of ppl, whom we meet in our life, but only a few of them create a lasting impression in our mind and hearts, and thos ppl are said to be as true friends. A true friend is someone, who believes in you at that point of time when you have ceased in believing yourselves Imagine a bank account, which always credits $ 43200 every morning, it carries over to the next day with no balance, The bank, deletes everything at the end of the day.what would you have done?You would have withdrawn each and every $ out of the day before it gets deleted.Its nothing but TimeTry to use your time as much as you can for good purpose, as it do not carry forward anything to the next day.Each day it opens a new account with a new amount.


Do you Belive in God what is your opinion about God? I belive in God, I do agree as the rest of the world does, that there is some unique power, something which supports us at our good and bad times. I don?t how it looks, I don?t know how big it is haan but I belive, You can tell the size of your God by looking at the size of your worry list. The longer your list, the smaller your God But we all need to believe one thing, that God is not a bell boy for us, whom you expect in your life as soon as you press the bell.

We are puppet in the hand of god , could you express this?

What am I? Am I a puppet in the hands of God, or is God a puppet in my hands? When I say myself as a puppet, it really sounds strange. Everyone over here has his own part of role to play in there life, and so to say even God too have its own role to play. Haan but somewhat we find ourselves not being independent. So, am I a puppet? Not really. Somehow, outside of this finite mind, it works out that God is completely independent of all others, and has control of all things, including my actions, and I am genuinely acting and working and making decisions every day of my life, and I am responsible for those decisions. That?s fine with me (though not without struggle); how about you?


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  1. rahul Says:

    Good Writings, appreciate it

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