sometimes u just cant help it……..u feel so lost, feel so devastated!!so empty,like ur vision has lost colors…every thing is in black n white,u feel a dead end,u feel aimless, lifeles,helpless,feel soo scatered,u posses nothing not evn ur self….every scenerio seems soo strange,n the response seems so subtle,so silent,so not urzz…..nothing to look back upon,none to look up to either,life is done with u,therz no point,no meaning………

Strangely ironic….
In my days there are sad moments that lurk in corners…and crawl up when iam not looking…..

I look for causes, reasons, explanations….and remain lost….

Its a world that rotates at its axis maintaining balance….i am sad and someone’s unexpected joy remains tilted to one side…….

Wonder if i am the extra chip or just the link in the chain?


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