I thought of writing somtihng, I have somehting to sy. And just like the same everyone else I too expect it to be different something which has never been said before.

At least not in the exact same way as mine specially when it isnt even about something special or even about something

Yet , iI still want to say it. Just to feel like I am someone significant someone with something to say.


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One Response to “Writings…”

  1. Charudutta Says:

    Nuclear dementia

    On turning 40, probably the stab of nostalgia comes more often than not and at every small provocation, I tend to go down the memory lane. For a few days now the headlines have been screaming about our getting into the nuclear club. So you mean to say that we would join the Big Boys? Now a die hard who is caught in the time warp like me, would instantly say that we have lost our pristine innocence. I still remember my “Barju” Khati near the stadium in Cuttack. How many years I must have gone there “monkey pedaling” on my huge Atlas bicycle which had more value to me than my present limousine. It was luxury. Now going to school in something less than a bike is shameful even to the parents. How can my son go to school in a bicycle? It is passé. Every generation has its own preferences depending on what’s in vogue. Still we use fuel run vehicles for every inch of our movement and don’t mind the guzzling ones, because the long ones usually drink more fuel. And yet we discuss animatedly about the environment and the depleting energies and hence the need for harnessing nuclear energy. But when did I say that we are hypocritical? We go in rounds and would keep on doing so. Who can stop us? Good that we have chosen our own demise. We are truly independent. Responsibility is what we abhor and would prefer not to come miles near it. Who would do all this and carry the mantle? Nothing would change only with me? True.
    We go on a rampage using more fuel than available. Why are we so foolish? Is there a kind of sadistic pleasure to kill the nature? Cycles are now relegated to “labour class” or as aerobic instruments for the couch potatoes. You can’t go out for a stroll .How can you. There are malls all around. If you don’t get food to eat you can go to malls and sleep there. Our co-humans from the West are using more bicycles, eating less McD and are concerned about anger management. We, the inheritors of Gupta period intelligence hog on McD, kill ourselves in road rages and plunder public spaces.
    My granny always believed that mutton cooked in wood fire always tastes the best. Damn the gas connections. Not that tree cutting to get firewood is not an issue but gas connections/cylinders with multiplying population was the only option left. We would continue to grow our numbers, what is the problem? No problem as the family size increases our streets become more and more unsafe. The children not looked after well ( they can’t be also) take to Bhaigiri – the easiest and most glamorous way to earn money and beauties.
    The other day I was watching ‘a Wednesday’ a new flick where in one of the best rendered dialogues in recent Hindi films, the protagonist speaks of his thoughts on the “power of the common man”. During this highly charged scene, a group of afternoon drunk BPO crowd (I read their I – CARDS later) were giggling loudly and embarrassed all in the theatre. They had nothing to do and nothing to think about too. Morons who have their biological clocks reversed and for whom their own existence is a joke, the country is no great shakes.
    Stupid common man would watch the bundles of cash in parliament, drool, know nothing about the nuclear deal which brought the country to a ‘governance disaster’ and continue to be stupidly satisfied with small gains in a small entity.
    Probably this is Nuclear for me. I don’t know about you.

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