Law Of Relationship

Law Of Relationship

One of the most important aspect of our life is our relationship with others. While these bring joy in life, they are equally the potential cause of our sorrow. Quite of ten, we get shocks from those persons who have been very close to us at one or the other point of time. When this happens, we entertain many negative thoughts and the pleasure of living is lost to a great measure. We start blaming others and tend to become pessimistic. Our trust on others suffers a setback and we become unsure of ourselves , too. This is true of all relations and is more so in case of close ones. Perhaps, this is the reason that most of the scriptures dub life as a bondage and prescribe ways to come out of it. It is, therefore, essential to understand the law of relationships, so that they are not more a source of pain in our life. Let us analyse this further.
Everybody is born without any bondage of relationships, but as one grows, family relatis like mother, father, brother, sister, etc. become the bondages. These relations develop a sense of obligations towards each other. Then, relations, in the form of friends, come in life. With marriage, new relationships are formed in one?s life, and then, our children add to them. As we grow in status or in our occupation, new social and official relations are added. That is to say that our interactions keep on increasing as we grow and each interaction is a kind of obligation between u sand the person with whom we are interacting. If these interactions are not conducted intelligently and with wisdom, there are always chances of disharmony, resulting in loss of peace.

On careful examination, it is not difficult to understand that disharmony in a relationship occurs only when we have expectations from others. As long as our attention remains on our duty only and we have no expectation from others, the chances of disharmony are reduced to a great extent. The simplest example is the relationship between a mother and the child. As long as the relationship is based upon love only and there is no expectation on either side, the relationship is a matter of great joy for both. As the child grows and expectation creeps in on either side, the seeds of disharmony are sown the second fact, which is also important, is that there should be no sense of ownership in any relationship. We all want to remain free and when someone claims or expects a certain kind of resonse, it tends to disturb our freedom. If this expectation crosses the limits of reasonability, disharmony is the only outcome. Thus, love and detachment are two other secrets of a lasting and joyful relationship.


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