Sleep Less…

Thomas Edison?s Life story is one worth reading abnout, Part visitonary, part gambnler and part genius, he was a brilliant inventor who made the best use of his time on the planet. Though he had only six months of formal schooling, he had read such classicas as the The Decline and fall of the roman empire by the time he was eight and invented the phonograph, which captured sound on records, by the time he was hirty. A master of positive thinking, when someone aksed him why, during his last years when he was almot totally deaf, he did not invent a hearing aid, he replied. ?How much have you heard in the last twenty-four hours that you couldn?t do without?

He then added with a smile, ?A man who has to shout can never tell a lie. ?But what I remember the most about this special mand was his rare ability to thrive on only four hours of sleep. ?Sleep is like a drug,? he explained. ?Take too much at a time and it makes you dopey. You lose time, vitality and opportunities.?

Most of us sleep far more than we need to . We say to ourselves that we must have at least eight good hours of time under the covers in order to function at our best. We cannot imagine getting by on less sleep and shudder at the very thought.

And more over quantity sleep does not matter a lot what all matters is quality sleep.


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