FullOrissa.Com Tarafaru mora samsthanku Namaskar.

My past project www.purionline.com which I started and maintained it for last 5 years, finally now I Changed the domain name to www.fullorissa.com the whole idea of having the new name was to startup a website which would have each and every possible online services related to Orissa…

so I made it Fulllll orissaaaa…

Hope now the domain explains all about Orissa…

Fullorissa will have lots of services with enhanced entertaiment services, which includes Online Oriya Songs both Audio and Video and also A web TV, where users can get 8 hrs a day entertainment channellss stuff… Even Users can play Oriya Movies, still I am working on the copyrights part for the movies, serials and Jatras offcourse very soon I am going to announce them….

recently we Have strated the new music portal for fullorissa.com over here

its a bit interesting, and I am still updating it with new and old songs, this music part will have even Songs Download faclities in our further updates, and also Lyrics download system… I am still working on them as I am all alone so its taking much time for me to update them… I apologise for the same.

My whole idea of creating fullorissa.com is to make Oriya ppl who are staying outside Orissa – very happy while viewing the site, its like having the feel of being near to Orissa even after staying away from Orissa.

Will keep everyone updated about the updates at fullorissa…

any suggestions, clarifications or feedback, please do not hesitate in replying back at this forum.

Bulu Pattanaik


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