Tribal students from Orissa win Rugby World Cup – “The Jungle Crows”

Chakde INDIA
On 29th september 2007 Tribal students of the city-based Kalinga Institute of Social Science (KISS) won the Under 14 Rugby World Cup that was being played at London, the institute claimed here on Saturday.
Cambodia, Zambia, Swaziland, Kenya, Romania, Ruwanda, Maldowa and Kazaksthan participated. The team comprising tribal students beat South Africa 19-05 in London on Saturday. The 12-member squad was led by Bikash Chandra Murmu. Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik congratulated the team on its success.

Team Name: Jungle Crows
Team Captain: Bikash Chandra Murumu
Other Members: Chittaranjan Murmu, Babula Malka, Rajkishore Murmu, Bukei Hansda, Niranjan Biswal, Hadidhangda Majhi, Sahadev Majhi, Gorang Jamuda, Narasingh Kerei, Barial Behera and Ganesh Hembram.
Belonging to: Kolho, Bonda, Bathudi, Santhal and Kandha tribes.
Team Coach: Mr. R. K. Jena & Mr. U. K. Mohanty, Chairman of Orissa Rugby Association.
Sponsors: Ashurst
Final played against: Langa Lions from South Africa


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