Development of cities

The capital city of Bhubaneswar has completed its 60 years of existence and now as per the reports there are 12 lakh people residing in the city and one of the fastest growing cities of the State and country.

This is the right time that the Government and Railway Ministry should evolve programme to implement metro rail for the smooth traffic system in the coming years ahead so that the next generation will not suffer.

Further it is high time to look after the problems of Berhampur, commercial city of Orissa. The authorities concerned should focus on modernization and development of the city to make it on par with the other cities of Orissa and India. There are many also tourist places in and around Berhampur which are neglected. And if they are developed they would certainly attract the tourists from different parts of the country.



Tainted officials



The investigation into the murder of Budhia Singh’s coach has been throwing increasingly murkier side of our bureaucracy’s involvement in crime world. The latest twist to the issue that a senior IAS official was coordinating between anti-socials, police and officialdom to earn quick bucks.

Should we further trust our officials whom we have entrusted all our resources? Now question arises whether memoranda of understanding signed with different industries were above suspicion level.

From here, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has to come clean. He has to prove that his action against everybody is equal. There are also growing feelings that the State government might not take any hard decision as powerful IAS lobby might get angry.

Prasant Samal


Woes of patients



Pains multiply if one gets admitted to government hospital during summer in wards other than the ICU. Fans at these hospitals will hardly function. One can see relatives of patients arranging table fans for the patients at any government hospital in Orissa.

The cardiology ward in the MKCG Medical College is located on the top floor of the building. The few ceiling fans in the ward hardly meet the needs of patients. A patient released from the ICU of the cardiology department finds it hard to spend days of supervision in the ward. Many of them also prefer to gohome rather than spending painfully hot days and nights in the ward.

The authorities should provide proper ventilation facility at the wards of hospitals. In most of the cases the fans and electrical wiring in wards are damaged by improper use of by the relatives of patients. But the ultimate sufferers are the patients.

Swapan Mohanty



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