Help Hara Pattanaik

Help Line for Hara Pattanaik
is a well known celebrity of the Oriya film industry. We all have viewed and appreciated his works on celluloid over the years. He has stunned us by his performances in a negative role as well as entertained us by his directorial ventures. He has always enchanted us by his creative skills.
Today, this showman who has added colours to our lives through cinema is facing a major catastrophe. He is suffering from Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML) which is a form of BLOOD CANCER. He is under treatment now. The treatments include chemo therapy, bone marrow transplantation (BMT), and many other expensive life saving medicines. The total treatment will cost 50 to 60 Lakhs. He is in need of our help and support.
This is an earnest appeal to all Oriyas, film lovers and fans of HARA PATTANAIK to extend their helping hands at this moment of crisis. It is our prayers, blessings and financial contributions of any sort that will save him. We would never want to lose this enigma who has a lot more to do for the growth of the Oriya film industry. We want to see him back on the silver screen making us laugh, cry and applaud. Let us join hands and do all that we can for the improvement of his health. Kindly contribute with all your heart. Every little gesture of help and every single prayer shall make a difference. After all, drops of water make an ocean.

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