Earnest Appeal To Save Hara Patanaik (Plz Donate)

Help Line for Hara Pattanaik


HARA PATTANAIK is a well known celebrity of the Oriya film industry. We all love him. Today, he is fighting for his life.

He is suffering from BLOOD CANCER.

This is an earnest appeal to all, Kindly logon to the help line website for details


Kindly forward this message to everybody you know. Let us join hands for this noble purpose and do all that we can for the improvement of his health. Please help and pass this message to all because we want him back… Our wish and help can save him.

By this website one can send their best wishes to hara pattanik.

The website also contains a link to make a donation – and even a small donation can help us go a long way in saving a good actor and a great person. please visit the site and donate what ever u can and Save our Hara Bhai…

here is the Link again http://helpharapattanaik.fullorissa.com

Bulu Pattanaik

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