Ecommerce Statistics in India …

This evening I was just wondering what would be the Ecommerce Statistics In India ? And also what is the Statistics of Internet Uers in India.

Well after googling for a while I got through a few links which says

India ranks third biggest e-shopping nation
As per Assocham, e-commerce is likely to grow by 150% to Rs 5500 crores this fiscal year. The total e-commerce sales for last year were Rs 2200 crores. Delhi and Mumbai contributed 20% and 24% respectively of the total e shopper population in 2006-2007. For 2007-2008 their contribution is expected to reach 30% and 40% respectively.

Ref:- ET

Here is an assumed data…
1. In 2006-2007, Delhi and Mumbai contributed 20% and 24% of the e shopper population
2. In 2007-2008, Delhi and Mumbai are estimated to contribute 30% and 40% of the e shopper  population
3. Chennai and Bangalore contributed 7% and 6% of the e shopper populations in 2006-2007
4. In 2007 -2008, Chennai and Bangalore will likely contribute 12% and 9% of the online shopping population
5. 28% of shoppers are in the 18-25 age group, 48% in 26-35, 15% in the 36-45 age group and 9% in 45-60 age group
6. 88% of online shoppers in India were male, with 86% having at least a bachleor’s degree
7. Electronic gadgets, apparel, railways, air and movie tickets were most shopped items last year
8. Products likely to gain popularity this year include jewellery, books, apparel, gift products, music, movies, hotel bookings

but I am not sure how does these values speak on realtime

According to eMarketer Asia Pacific E Commerce Rises every year and it has been predicted by them that the Ecommerce market may make a hike from &59.1 billion at 2006 TO $168.7 billion by 2011

here is the graph that shows the hike rate


Based on the Graph, this is the statistics of Ecommerce usage for India

2006 : $800 million
2007 : $1.2 billion
2008 : $1.9 billion
2009 : $2.8 billion
2010 : $4.1 billion
2011 : $5.6 billion

In a 250 million Urban population in India, 65 million are PC literate. Out of them, 46 million claim to be internet users though only 32 million are active.

The growth of the claimed internet user base:

2000 : 4.9 million
2001 : 8.7 million
2003 : 11.9 million
2004 : 16.4 million
2006 : 32.2 million
2007 : 46 million

However, the growth of the active user base shows the following numbers:

2000 : 2.2 million
2001 : 4.3 million
2003 : 7.5 million
2004 : 11.2 million
2006 : 21.1 million
2007 : 32 million

Continious Growth of PC Owners and Internet Subscribers


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3 Responses to “Ecommerce Statistics in India …”

  1. Jennifer Lancey Says:

    Hello there. I was sent a link to your blog by a friend a while ago. I have been reading a long for a while now. Just wanted to say HI. Thanks for putting in all the hard work.

    Jennifer Lancey

  2. dhir Says:

    As companies increase use of Internet to cut costs and improve speed and efficiency, e-commerce transactions, which are currently growing at the rate of 30-40 per cent in India, are expected to reach $100 billion.
    “With the advent of Internet, far-flung global markets have shrunk into one small market. The B2B portals have succeeded in breaking the geographical and other conventional barriers involved in trading,” according to Bikky Khosla, CEO of business-to-business (B2B) portal Tradeindia. “They have also succeeded in cutting down on the time and cost involved in the export-import business.”
    “Today, B2B portals are an absolute necessity for all enterprises of any type and size. The advantages of having the assistance of a quality B2B portal are massive. Registering one’s company with a B2B portal can have immediate impact on the company’s productivity,” Khosla added.
    Considering that IAMAI estimates the consumer e-commerce market to get in about $2.25 billion (Rs. 9000 crores) in 2007-08 and taking the growth rate of 30% for the next year, can B2B really make up the rest – or are these just numbers pulled out of a hat?

  3. venkat Says:

    In another 10 years India will be the #1 in ecommerce revenue generator apart from other players

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