puri maharani on open road!!!!!!!!!


                                 Now we discuss about an important issue. Our maharani was on an open filed .I think it is not a custom of our oriyan culture as well as jagannath culture. Why I thought this type old custom at the time of 20th century? Because our gajapati  & maharani was far different from others. That why our gajapati”s other name was (CHALATI PRATIMA).

                                        Before some days before gahana beje was held. What is meaning of gahana beje? Ghana beje means…………

                                        Maharani& his family members & relatives go to the temple with  palanki(a chariot which was taken by four men)   to perform  seba puja before she goes to temple ,temple completely  clean , which called soudha. soudha means during this period temple vacant  compeltlly

                        At that time  sebayat’s are also not allowed. Family members & relatives  goes up to bata brukhya. Only one unmarried        sebayat(mudiratha) guided queen.  So this is our custom, this our jagannath culture.                             






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