clean puri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                         We discuss an important issue. Puri is a tourist place .Several numbers of pilgrims    internationally, nationally & also local peoples comes to puri every year. It s number increases  year to year .You see from shingha dwar to gundicha temple there was no public toilet at all. One toilet in front of bata shop near shingha dwar . Condition of this toilet was very bad. No one can dare to enter this toilet. Without   finding any alternatives the tourist are compelled to use adjoining galas as there toilet

                                        Administers  of puri municipality as well as temple administer is requested to take immediate  steps for construct  a modern toilet near grand road.JAI JAGANNATH


2 Responses to “clean puri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Bhagaban Says:

    You are right. We need to keep the city clean keeping in mind that it is the holy place of Orissa, which presents Oriya culture down the years.

  2. fullorissa Says:

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