Jagannath Temple before years ago… (very old photos) Nice one…

here are a few photos of Jagannath temple (Very Very Old Photos)

here is the Forum http://fullorissa.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=2867&PN=1


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16 Responses to “Jagannath Temple before years ago… (very old photos) Nice one…”

  1. manohar Says:

    Hello Mr.Patnaik,
    I am really impressed with these photos and you are doing a wonderful job on this site. Keep up the good work you are doing.
    I will be following up your blog regularly.

  2. sambit Says:

    truly majestic……………
    tankxx a lot fr dis picss……2 day only i explord dis website…….truly awsome specially fr a person frm puri.

  3. Bulu Pattanaik Says:

    hey ppl thanks a lot for your comments, have a look at these galleries http://gallery.fullorissa.com hope you would like it…

    Bulu Pattanaik

  4. luvzguy Says:

    ThankZ Brother,
    Really Precious PicZ. 😀

  5. Soumit Sarangi Says:

    Bulu Bhai;
    Namaskar.Just today i came across your site. Really impressive. Touched by the pics. og Jagannath Temple.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. bijanipada Says:

    hi bulu bhai
    i am really impressed by seeing these old photos of lord jagannath temple .
    i will be pleased if u send me some more photos of lord jagannath temple puri,of those times ,or u can send me the web address of those photos.

  7. suparna Says:

    really very precious pics…
    i’ll be very glad if u’ll send some more pics of bbsr to me as i’m doing a thesis on oldtown area of bbsr…

  8. AMIYA Says:

    Hello, Bulu, i just want to know that where u collect this pictures. I have collected some old photos including these three from a website. If u want to share those then contact me.


  9. sambeet Says:

    Hi Bulu,

    Nice job…I have more photos of this series with me for a long time.But did not get a proper platform to publish..Let me know if you need .


  10. Alok kumar kanungo Says:

    Hey Bhai…………its really amazing and heart touch images.Just compare today situation with that time situation….it is a surprise for those who belongs to puri like me…..very impressive….thanks a lot for this experience………..
    from-Alok ku. kanungo,Bhubaneswar


    Very nice photos . Thank you a lot

  12. piku Says:

    blessed are those who are related to this and many thanks to you for letting me know what i have not for years.
    i am expecting more on your part to explore and let us know what we have been missing.

    keep doing the good work….
    GOD BLESS……………….
    thanks a lot again……….

  13. purnabas Says:

    nice man

  14. kunu Says:

    maake kana karichama pura jamei deichha.mani emiti kari chala.ame maake kalia pakhe re aiiaa janauchhu……. jay jagannath……………..

  15. Abasaheb Salunke Says:

    Very pleased to the age old Photos of Lord Jagannnath temple of Puri. I appreaciate the those people who have posted such rare photos of Puri temple.
    I am fond of Lord Jagannath as He is there in my home. I relish the pleasure of worshipping of Lord Jagannath. Jay Jagannath.
    Thank U
    Abasaheb N Salunke

  16. priyaranjan sutar S/o-L.D Sutar Says:

    Really apersible things thanks to british empire who is kept year a gos photo.

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