Movie Mu Sapanara Saudagara

Mu Sapanara Saudagara is the second venture of Sarada Prasanna Panda under the banner suvam films pvt Ltd. After giving sixteen hit movies director Sanjaya Nayak is ready to prove himself again with this new and extraordinary subject. Actor Arindam is playing a lover boy’s character with the charming actress Archita. Actor Sabyasachi is coming with a new negative track as the anti hero which will be an excitement for the audience.

According to director sanjaya nayak this movie’s subject will be the major factor for its success. This off beat and dangerous love story will give a complete new taste to oriya viewers. Lots of new flavors have been added in the music of this movie to attract the youth. Over all this movie will entertain all age groups and people will remember it as a LOVE THRILLER.

Here are a few Wallpapers of the movie

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19 Responses to “Movie Mu Sapanara Saudagara”

  1. fullorissa Says:

  2. Bulu Pattanaik Says:

    Reveiw taken from


    Hello visitors, Making a website for a Oriya Movie is only to develop our state s film industry s outlook & to reach near u easily so that we can know about your likes and dislikes easily. So its my request that please after watching the website or movie u post your very own and honest review. U also can post your wishes and compliments with comments… and every one is welcome… we need your kind support. Help us to develop…. Thanks in advance…
    Posted By : SABYASACHI (Actor), Orissa


    Hi, Wish u all the best for “MU SAPANA SOUDAGARA”.I think its best step to develop ollywood. Thaks to to creaating this type of web site to reach about orissa in the world.
    Posted By : Aniruddha parida, bbsr


    hi,please take som steps to release oriya movies in that we oriyas in hyderabad will be lucky to watch every release. really we specially im very unlucky to watch the new releases. please do somthing for us.thanking u MALAY
    Posted By : mrudu malay mohapatra, hyderabad


    Hi,I am congratulating to all of my Oriya film maker related to this Film “MU SAPANA SOUDAGAR” Because i think but not sure this is first time when a oriya film has shown through a website before release..As I am a Web Developer Engineer..It is giving me a lot of pleasure to see that a oriya movie which takes a such type of effort…I know this movie will be the hittest movie among all….
    Posted By : sushil kumar pani, bhubaneswar,baleswar


    i am a biggest fan of sabyasachi. i have seen pagal premi 26 times and i will watch this movie more than 26 times… i have full confidence on sabyasachi sir s acting capacity… definitely he will rock this raja also… i like sanjaya nayak film also. and my choice actress in oriya is archita. so all my fav people are in the movie.. so orissa is going to rock with sapanara saudagara. MY SPECIAL THANKS TO SABYASACHI AND FULLORISSA for giving us chance to wish u. i love you sabyasachi sir, feel my love…
    Posted By : Biranchi Rout, Ganjam


    i think this is the second Oriya movie website…i am also a web designer(fresher)i think the sight is far better of the 1st one.its mind is equal as bollywood movie website.m sure watch the movie first day first show.i think film also better n something different.i request giv some more wallpapers n create a web site for oriya movie news n of luck for ur movie n hope its a mega hit in this year…
    Posted By : debendra, bbsr


    Hi All, I am very happy that our ollywood industry is improving to keep its image in India. and special thanks to for exposing these activities.
    Posted By : Bikram Keshari Mall, Bangalore


    Movie surely looks like a great thriller 🙂 Its releasing tomorrow on 12th June, so wishing you (Sabyasachi Mishra) a great sucess ahead.. Good Luck.. You have fans all over India now 😉
    Posted By : Archana Dethe, Mumbai


    From the pic its shows that definitely its a very good movie and will be the super hit. but so sad…as i am staying at Delhi so unable to enjoy this movie. Hope i will be enjoy it , when am back to Orissa. Manoj New Delhi
    Posted By : Manoj, New Delhi


    What my Husband “Manoj” told that absolutely true. we missing a lot …to enjoy this movie. Manoj+Ani, New Delhi
    Posted By : Ani, New Delhi


    All my best wishes to MR.SARADA PANDA & SANJAYA NAYAK .Good luck to the whole crew of “MU SAPANARA SOUDAGARA”. Energetically thanks to FULLORISSA.COM for there Bright concept for Oriya film world. AVINASH NANDA AD FILM MAKER,MUMBAI


    here is the link to the blog for Mu Sapanara Soudagara
    Posted By : Bulu Pattanaik, Hyderabad


    The new oriya film”MU SAPANARA SAUDAGAR” will hit whole cinema centres of orissa….this film will make ollywood more popular ….in this way by producing new films we are improving our standards like other states…..multistarrer like ARINDAM,SABYASACHI AND ARCHITA will get good fame…..including the directors and producers,….best of luck…..though the film is like SLEEPING ENEMY, but it will really be a superb….just see it……you will like it…
    Posted By : siddharth patnaik, bhubaneswar


    Best of luck to Mu Sapanara Soudagar Team. I request the odiya film fraternity Please get back 70s-80s glory of odiya movies. I want people start watching oriya culture and movie like the earlier days. The new movies should be blend of oriya culture and modern values. we are missing the odiya movies outside in Mumbai. i vote for release of movies in Mumbai/Bangalore multiplexes. But thought of the movie should be different than others.
    Posted By : Pururaj, Mumbai


    yesterday i hav seen ur latest movie…on maharaja hall on evening show…it was housefull..people r rushing inside the theatre in night show too. this movie is a poor insipration..lifted version..of hindi movie..agni sakshi..and darr..bahut bore kala..we r never expected this frm ur movie..but your role n acting was good..but urs voice quality is too childish..please sabyasachi..dont do such kind of movie..this movie is fooling the masoom audience n their xclusive money..we hav seen such a story many times..plss dont waste ur acting such type of movie with a poor storyline n screenplay….the movie has got an outdated storyline..of 90 s wid a poor was too long wid boring songs..wid rona n dhona..but when u came in this was a relief frm all those kinds of boring actor in a negative role re nischaye award mili sapanara saudagara the movie is not good at all..but u ,arindam and archita r first rated..aau ethire tike bhala kini heroin upare tume torture kari paari nana patekar in agni sakshi or arbaaz khan in darr..sabyasachi bhai..please kharab bhabi bani..but im writing the short comings of the movie..but after a good n successfull movie pagal premi..ei movie…ta tike feeka tottaly dissapointed…ei film ta cd film pain thik..haan another movie..whose comming soon trailor was shown here..nandini i love u..tat movie i will be good.inspiration version of bollywood s dhadkan n vadaa..trailor vala thila…
    Posted By : ARINDAM, CUTTACK


    i love you
    Posted By : simanchalajena, sima


    i am simanchalajena
    Posted By : simanchalajena, sima


    Hi there, Last time when I went my home town Bhawanipatna, Pagala Premi happened to be in the local theator. Generally my friends don t prefer Oriya movies but I always force them to come with me. So long story short, we a bunch of friends went to the hall and liked it so much. I was so impressed by the acting of all the characters and particularly Sabyasachi. All the best Sabyasachi! Good that we are getting new and good talents in our industry. And the story! I thought it was too good. I thought it must be an Oriya writer but alas! Later I came to know that it is in fact a Xerox of a South Indian movie. I felt so embarrassed before my South Indian friends that day when I was literally debating with them that it is a pure Oriya movie and not a remake. It has been a long time I wanted to tell Ollywood to stop remaking and do stop copying stories. I bet we have a lot of good story writers in Orissa. Come on, wake up guys, believe in yourself, believe in Oriya and believe in Orissa. All producers and directors, if you read this, please try to use an original story. Bring stories from Oriya writers, if you can. Well if you can’t find an Oriya writer, keep a copy right, make a competition and grab the best story. Please don’t forget, “hard and sincere work always pays!” Sincerely, Raj
    Posted By : Rajsekhar Choudhury, Los Angeles, USA


  3. Bulu Pattanaik Says:

    read more reviews over here

  4. Soubhagya Says:

    Hi Sabyasachi,
    I am staying in Melbourne Australia.I am big fan of movies but I saw only one oriya movie entire my stay in orissa that is I Love you it really touched my heart.After that i didn’t find any movie of that standard most of the movies are copied from the south side cinemas.We should feel proud as Oriya and will respect our culture and we have the potential and we can make good movies and I can see from you guys you are really capable.These are the points to be ponder and I think you are doing great job and keep this things in mind.

  5. sabyasachi mishra Says:

    thanks souvagya,

    i will definitely keep it in mind and definitely u will find many good taste in upcoming oriya movies.. but one thing i must say.. its a good time of oriya movies now.. many good and original and advanced movies coming these days. u must come to orissa to see… i always pray god that our industry should compete with all other regional films….

  6. vikash patel Says:

    i am your Big fan and i am also studing Engineering in BHUBANESHWAR.. Waiting to meet u

  7. samir sahoo Says:

    hiiiiiiiii.i am abig fan of u .i saw all the movie of your.u not only look beatyful butalso good acting. your 1st movie “O MY LOVE” is my fav. myself samir, 2nd yr in silicon.mechanical branch.

  8. samir sahoo Says:

    hiiiiiiiii.i am a big fan of u .i saw all the movie of your.u not only look beatyful but also good actress. your 1st movie “O MY LOVE” is my fav. myself samir, 2nd yr in silicon.mechanical branch. iluv u.i luv u.i luvu

  9. susant Says:

    hello Sabyasaghi i love you


    my favourite picture

  11. Ankit Says:

    Hey Bulu!
    First of all congrats for such a great venture dude!
    Personally, Wanna see something of Chandan Kar please…he seems to be the only one with unconventional looks in the industry….also an interview of all award winners of 2009 would be simply great!!


  12. subrat Says:

    hi sabyasachi…….
    i m the great fun of urs.
    ur the real hero in ollywood. i like u very much after seeing the movie PAGOLO PREMI…..
    really urs acting is too different than others…..
    i have seen the telgu movie ARYA but urs acting is too different than the south hero AALU ARJUN………

  13. xyz Says:

    in oriya films especially nowdays the acting of the stars looks artificial. it seems they r doing acting whereas it should seem they r involved in the character and the situation is real. nowdays it is missing. and the stories are nothing but copyrights. see for ex- “keun duniya ru asila bandhu” the story is just like that of “koi mil gaya”. the role of the hero is exactly like that of hritik roshan(physically handicapped in oriya and mentally in hindi) the oriya directors cannot utilise their brain to think sumthing different and new. and they say their film is nt a copyright. it is just to fool the people.

  14. Nihar satpathy Says:

    hiiiiiii sabyasachi,

  15. pratap Says:

    all the best

  16. soumya Says:

    nice script, casts are quite attractive,overall excellent
    movie. what i would like to say is, acting is not much satisfactory. it may be because of less budget. producer can improve some by using good retakes. i know reels are costly, but if it goes like this definitely the rate of quality viewers will decrease gradually.
    dear arindam & sabyasachi bring some maturity in your acting(all the best). plz dont take my words in other way..
    good wish to all involved crews of this movie.

  17. Anil Says:

    Hello Archita u r best 4 oriya film..notonly u r a good actress butalso u r a good student..u r looking so beautiful when u r in simple dresses…i am ur best fan…i am grateful 2 u whenever i talk with u….i am an engineering student..i love u very much …u r great 4 mine…………i go 2 film hall twice in a day when ur film will releases………..

  18. saumya Says:

    hello sabysachi i am saumya and veri big fan of your, your all film i like it but your very heart touching film it dream girl. best of luck your future ahed.

  19. rakesh das Says:

    nice movie it should be released all over india .i am grt lover of oriya movies but i am not able to watch the movies

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