Hypocrisy and furtive dealings abound in nuclear matters. Every moment ran unleashes the awesome power of the atom and countries, all over the globe are engaged in stockpiling of modern sophisticated weapons. They do hesitate to desist from frantic and suicidal competitiveness in securing dreaded nuclear weapons. What is pity is that the after impact of such a race will end in a green signal of that total annihilation of mankind in a nuclear holocaust. These are the patently observed conclusions one can easily arrive at.

In contrast to this belief man is also a patron of peace. He lives in historical perspective. He is well acquainted with the potentialities of nuclear weapons, technology and the lethal possibilities it carries with it. The experience of two colossal world wars and others nine wars launched very often are too bitters to impart lessons. Though man is inspective by nature historical lessons may plant an “instinct of preservations” uprooting the destructive industrial. He breeds no courage to a risk wars thereby pose threat to the survival of mankind.

Nuclear secrets and clandestine production of thermo nuclear weapons have reached a staggering end. Each nation engaged itself in the competition of producing war materials. The potentialities and progress of nuclear weapons sometimes are not made public. This situation creates a fear anxiety and psychological complexities with nations themselves, as they cannot guarantee a victory in all cases. Mutual fear acts as an antidote to the war mongering nations.

War and peace are closely related. Without war the intensity of achieving peace is faintly dim. The bitterness of war is capped with hatred. When sweet smell of peace is a historical fact. When violence and destruction reach at pinnacle, the bolections Ashoks turn into religious one’s. It is not because of their possess, but they are made by time.

Faith in United natives organization is also an expression of faith in peace. The member countries make an allegiance to maintain peace and harmony and in return U.N.O. has got an institutional sobering effect on the Psychology of war mongering attends. Though any country out pacing another is the faced of nuclear weapons network has the obligation towards the wound body. They must adhere to the parameter set by it.

Blood and gross pre-occupation in nuclear warfare without any significant heed sold opium; hurt the international image and  recognition of the producing countries. A country’s progress and prosperity is nuclear weapons-production and use field is subject to international Law and codes. A stiff rise in the production of these weapons may pick other countries attention and the producing country is to reconcile what other thinks good. More or less, explosion of weapon is regulated by the mass ideology of world orders.



  1. Matt Umeh Says:

    Just landed on this place via Google research. I love it. This situation change my perception and I am fixing the RSS feeds. Cheers Up.

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