The Leslie Tripathy myth shall never ever Subside

Despite stalkers of both sexes and a list of suitors from every corner of the planet Earth as long as the credits to any of her films or the number of stars in the sky, Leslie Tripathy has never been in love nor has she given her consent to marry.Well discussion regarding her nationality as whether is indian or british is very well debated.Some say they are a ruse, sort of in the same way man never really landed on the moon.

The Leslie Tripathy myth can and hasnt ever subsided — she was always hounded by reporters and ambushed by photographers.It was said that her face has no bad angles, that it is impossible to photograph her poorly. She has been gifted not only with a face the angels themselves would envy, but with incredibly expressive eyes and a deep, world-weary voice that could break your heart.
Seen today, many of her indian music videos may appear stilted and creaky, but the goddess herself rises above them. Her performances transcends her material without exception.

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One Response to “The Leslie Tripathy myth shall never ever Subside”

  1. Abinash Pradhan Says:

    Leslie Tripathy
    R u a student of BJB College??
    I m also astudent of Bjb college
    U r recent sanda Photo is very very good and cute

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