Music is one of the most important part of human life since the beginning of human civilization and an important medium of stress buster. Music also conveys message of human culture, society and above all mental status of a society. What if music is accused of conveying some anti religious and misguiding messages to the youngsters of the society instead of acting as a medium of entertainment? on high’, many a times but do you know these are the some of the most popular songs with backmasked messages.

You might have heard ‘stairway to heaven’, ‘Hotel California’, ‘Baby one more time’,’ Empty spaces’,’ fire

What is backmasking?


Backmasking or simply backward masking is the form of inserting hidden messages into music tracks which can only be consciously heard when played backward. It is usually common in the rock and pop music tracks. Backmasking, as far as the public eye knows, began in the early 80’s with a band called Judas Priest. In famous court case involving one of their songs, “Beyond Realms”, Judas Priest was charged with subliminally persuading a kid to commit suicide. The message was heard by playing their record backwards. But “The Beatles” are first to experiment with back masking in 1960 in one of their track known as “Rain…”.Probably Michael Jackson is the most popular and most famous artist in the Rock music industry of the world. But he is also accused of placing backmasked message in few of his music track. Later on various rock artists were accused of back masking starting from Led Zepplin to Britney spears and Madonna.

Backmsaking is usually popular among the rock and pop music lovers who are crazy to find some kind of hidden messages in the tracks of their favourite rock band.




1. An engineer in a studio places words reversed onto a soundtrack. When we play the music forward, we can hear reverse sound clearly as some kind of gibberish sound along with the instrumentals. When played in reverse we are able to hear the words clearly. Many have done this in their songs.


2. When the music is played even from a live microphone feed, different sentences come out when the music is played reversed, that have meaning. The artist is most likely unaware of it.


3. Sub-band coding technique.
There are several techniques for backmasking Sub-band coding is the process of taking an audio sample and playing it at a low enough frequency that it is not consciously perceived. The sound is hidden when played with another at a high frequency. This enables our brain to perceive the sound, though not consciously. This technique is very widely used, in music we listen to on the radio to theme songs of television shows. It is very common in the marketing world and used for advertising purpose.


4. Beat frequency technique.
Beat frequency is a technique often used by self-help tape manufacturers. It is, in a way, a form of hypnotism. More creatively put, it is when two tones “bounce” off each other, and create one frequency. According to the theory, this puts the listener in a state of heightened perception. This means that anything learned or heard at this time will leave a long-lasting impression.
1. Baby one more time (Britney spears)
Forward: When I am not with you/ I lose my mind/ Give me a sign
Reverse: Sleep with me/I am not too young
2. Stairway to heaven (Led Zeppelin)
Forward: You’re stairway lies on the whispering wind.
Reverse: Because I live with satan
3.Another one bites the dust(QUEEN)
Forward:Another one bites the dust
Reverse:It’s fun to smoke marijuana
4.Empty spaces(Pink Floyd)
When played reverse:You’ve just discovered the secret message.Please send your answer to old Pink,care of the funny farm,Chalfont.Roger! carolyne is on the phone.

5.Man in the mirror(Michael Jackson)
Forward:I am starting with the man in the mirror.I’m asking if he’ll change his way.
Reverse:Come on.Yeah satan,Yeah, just like me exact.

6.Strawberry fields Forever(The Beatles)
Forward:Ah yes but its all wrong
Reverse:I worship satan
Some other popular tracks are:
Beat it/Morphine/Dangerous(Michael Jackson)
Oops..I did it again(Britney spears)
Like a prayer(Madonna)
With or with out you(U2)
Hotel California(The Eagles)
Am I evil(Mettlica)
Rain/Free as a bird (The Beatles)
Dinner at deviants palace(Cradle of flith)
Camera of obscura(Enigma)
Love bites( Judas Priest)
Anthem( Rush)
Some tracks of ‘Slipknot’ and ‘Linkin park’ also contain backmasked message. And the list is endless

Reason behind the Backmasking….

1.According to some backmasking increases the instrumental quality of the music tracks especially of tracks which are mostly based on electrical instruments.
2.Some people believe there is no intention behind backmasking .The lyrics is written in such a way that it produces two different meaning when played in both forward and back ward.
3.Even some have the idea that such kind of words,phrase or message is introduced without the knowledge of the artist or audio engineer.
4.Few religious groups especially the Christians believes that “Satan” is behind the back masking tracks and under the influence of “satan” the artist places some satanic message or the lyricist is influenced by “satan” while writing the lyrics of the song.
5. A few rock music lovers describes back masking is only a way of subliminal advertising and not more than that. “Subliminal advertising” is a marketing technique which tries to manipulate people’s opinion, without them becoming aware that they are being influenced. It may consist of a movie clip, image, or sound byte that is superimposed on an image, sound track or video track. It is inserted in such a way that the audience cannot detect its presence.

How a backmasked track can be heard:

In a general cassette player back masked track can be easily heard by simply reversing the magnetic tape of the audio cassette. In case of compact discs it needs special software to reverse the forward speech and differentiate words from simple gibberish sound. Many internet sites are providing online backward speech tools. The most popular are backward and Jeff Milner’s back masking site.

Back masking:A Reality or simply a hoax

Back masking is now on debate because of its anti religious, sexually explicit and anti social messages like promoting use of drugs, although there is controversy regarding its existence from the beginning. Some researchers and psychologists says back masking really does not exist and its only the human mind which perceives some kind sounds in the subconscious state and interprets it as words and phrase. This is because of repeated listening of the same track which influences the thinking of the individual. They claims it is possible to interpret words or phrase from any music track played backward.

Some argues why most of the back masked messages (about 90%) are about satanic messages only and to less extent about any thing else. The religious group of people says in some of the music albums (In some of the covers of Michael Jackson’s and the Beatles) covers photograph of Alister Crowley is found who is a well known believer of Satanism and black magic. Satanic messages are usually found in the tracks of the artists who are associated with him.

Psychologists, psychiatrists, and advertising experts have reached a near consensus that backmasking would be useless for three reasons:
1. Subliminal messages are generally ineffective or influentially limited.
2. When we are going to play a record forward there is no meaning of placing any kind of message backward. Because it is not possible to differentiate the words clearly even when the track is played with out music in the forward direction.
3.A backmasked message superimposed on a musical passage would be itself masked by the music so it is not that easy to hear the word or phrase clearly.
There is no expert evidence whether backmasking is done commercially or not. Most of the expert view is that it is only the mind of the listener who interprets words in the subconscious state .Others believe backmasking is for the sake of fun only.
What ever may be the reason behind the backmasking of music tracks mostly of rock and pop songs, thousands of websites and blog pages are dedicated to the art of back masking and the quest for back masked messages are still going on…



3 Responses to “BACKMASKING”

  1. hgfjhgdj Says:

    where is the proof man

  2. iya Says:

    thanks for the information. keep it up

  3. jake 15 Says:

    good information that you have.
    more info for more knowlage about
    what is backmasked.
    but we want proof why they do
    some sublliminal massages and backmasks.
    and why almost songs that have a backmask
    are all about evil? are they devil worshiper?
    thanks a lot …

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