Life away from home..

Bangalore-IT hub of India,infact destination of more than 80% Engineering people….most of whom have forgotten why they studied engineering…to be  an engineer..on what they studied or to be in IT.People come to Bangalore to geta career in IT which was supposed to be the white collar job some years back with great salary and moving abroad.But please donot ask how good  is IT to any IT engineer..neither can he tell you the truth nor can he lie either…terrible feeling is nt it?

Parents think their children are earning so much…relatives get jealous,But the truth is with every person who works here..who bears the pain daily.

Staying away from home,getting up early in the moring to get the bus,(if you some how miss it 10% of your salary would go just paying your travel expense bills),getting an ipod to pass the time in ths bus,(atimes the ear would come and tell..boss gimme a break)…getting aquainted to news paper…infact if u see in the bus..everyone has the same expression….drowsing with the earphone in their ear…it seems as if people have not slept the night back…but all thanx to the Bangalore traffic..that doesnot make them complete the sleep either…atleast to make them realize they are soon approaching the nightmare- to face the client,managers,mails and attimes the pink slip…this is the horenous truth in IT..every day is a challenge and every day is unpredictable..but there is some charm in it…dressing well to office..young crowd in minded people…and all have the same story to share with….and yes this is how we friends came closer.Being in Bangalore away from home…had every reason we could have been close…to talk about our past..our days then ..our families ,how we felt ..and how it feels to be away from home.

This is for those who have become a part of this metro world..who are away from their homes to have their living..for those who are living a fast paced life here in big cities..yet their heart stil longs for their own places from where theyhave been…I am one of them…with them, and want to share wth them my feelings for  my hometown.



3 Responses to “Life away from home..”

  1. alok ranjan Says:

    well said freind!!!
    You have nicely put the true story of IT world.Every It engineer has more or less same story. After spending three years of monotonous IT life,my heart is calling me home…
    I have an ambition to be a part of our film industry.Well waiting for the right time and the right call.

  2. Ruchika Says:

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  3. Ruchika Says:

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