Orissa has Got Talent – Plz support them….

Hi Friends,
Have a look at this link
These artists are from Puri, Orissa.
We should support them to win The “India has got Talent” Show award
They are at Mumbai now, to prove again that Orissa has really got talent.

So plz support them, forward this email to as many people as you can and kindly vote for them.
Bulu Pattanaik

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5 Responses to “Orissa has Got Talent – Plz support them….”

  1. Lokanath Nayak Says:

    odias can do everything,we should encourage those who needs our help the artists of puri will do their job satisfactorily I along with all the people KALAHANDI
    are with them the `THE BLESSINGS OF OUR GODESS` MAA
    MANIKESWARI` is with them……..with all the best..

    Lokanath Nayak,46,Bidrohi Niranjan Lane,
    HILL TOWN- Bhawanipatna-766001.

  2. Chhenapoda Says:

    Good one Bulu Bhai.

    I just wrote a post on the same thing and searched for it. Found you on top. Thank you for promoting our local talent.

  3. Suraj harichandan Says:

    Odisha has got talents more than we can imagine of.. The only thing is we often fear to try but whose ever has tried has left a footmark… And so had done the Prince Dance group and something great will happen with this one too….

  4. Arjun Says:

    Hi i haven’t seen any oriya talents.

  5. lokanath nayak Says:

    hay odias,
    awake rise spread any where in the world

    show your any talent…. that will be much better

    than any others……forget bhajan kirtan…build

    your selfs as warriors…like KALINGA-SENA and

    CHARUBAKI………lokanath nayak.


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