Lord Jagannath's Form…

As written in the puranas lord sri Krishna appears in Puri Dham as Daru Brahma.


King Indradumna once found three logs of wood in the ocean. Lord Krishna personally came to Indradumna disguised as Viswakarma in order to carve the deities from the logs. He instructed the king ot leave him alone for twenty one days inside the room. Viswakarma warned that if anyone opened the door before twenty one days, the deities carving would remain uncomplete.


Fifteen days passed and no sounds of carving could be heard from the room. Queen Gundicha suspected that the old carpenter was dead inside due to want of food. She asked the king to open the door and investigate. The king objected this, wanting to follow the instructions of the old carpenter. But after being forced by the queen he opend the doors of the room, and was shocked, the carpenter has disappeared and the dities construction was unfinished. The king was very sad wit this.


Then one unseen sound was heard. “Do not worry” the ovice said, ” because you opened the door before twenty one days and did not keep your promise, the deities will remain in this form. You can start worshipping these deities. Bring Lord Brahma from Brahma loka to install them.


From the present shape of Lord Jagannath Many people describes the lord present form many ways.

Some say Parambrahma is formless, and that this “incomplete” form of Jagannath proves it.

Others say this is the form of Buddha, Still others claim this form to be Bhairva.

Many people glorify His lovely features, especially his smiling face. All of these claims are true because – He is Everything.


There is a secret why Lord Sri Krishna is in this shape.


After leaving Mathura, Lord Krishna resided in Dwaraka along with his 16,108 Wives. All of them were very beautiful, and served the lord with extreme love and care.


Even though the queens engaged in intense service to satisfy their divine husband, still Lord Krishna always meditated on Sri Vrindavan. He constantly remembered the residents of Braj, expecially the gopas and gopis. Sometimes Lord Krishna would seem indifferent to everything. This disturbed his wives immensely. The queens of Dwaraka thought, “What is happening? Even if we serve the Lord so nicely, why does he always talk about and remember Vrindavan?” The lord frequently cried out in His sleep, “Radhe Radhe ! Gopi Gopi”


The queens became curious to know about the Lord’s pastimes in Vrindavan. What hapend there so that Lod could not forget? “But who can tell us the childhood pastimes of our beloved husband when he wa a child living in Vrindavan?” They came to know that Mother Rohini had witnessed the Vrindavan Pastimes of the Lord, and that to their great fortune, she was staying in Dwarka. One day all of the queens anxiously approached Rohini mata and requested her to kindly tell them abt the lords youth in Vrindavan.


 To be continued…

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