Oriya FIlm Songs for the Year 2012

Shapath Oriya Film Songs

Idiot Oriya Film Songs

Kebe tame naha kebe mu nahi Songs

Something Something Oriya Songs

Emiti Bi prema hue songs


4 Responses to “Oriya FIlm Songs for the Year 2012”

  1. fullorissa Says:

    Idiot Oriya film is going to be a super hit movie directed by Ashok Pati here are the details http://movies.fullorissa.com/oriya-films/idiot-oriya-film-2012/

  2. fullorissa Says:

    Shapath songs is going to create a boom in the market, have a look at this http://music.fullorissa.com/Songs.aspx?Name=shapath&Type=Movie

  3. fullorissa Says:

    Sarthak is back again

  4. suntysingh Says:

    Oriya Movie ACP Ranbir is coming for this Dushera for more details visit http://movies.fullorissa.com/oriya-films/acp-ranbir-oriya-film-oriya-movie-acp-ranbir-songs-videos-photos/

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