About Fullorissa.com

www.Fullorissa.com (past purionline.com) is a product of Puri Online Pvt. Ltd.

Objective of fullorissa.com is to make live each and every Online Services related to Orissa, and acquire a position one among the best 100 websites of India.

Fullorissa.com is the biggest web portal for Orissa, and according to other website reviews it’s at the number one position at Orissa as far as visitors are concerned.

The site has a Compact story, when two young boys sat beside the sea beach of Puri planning to do something… something that should fascinate oriya people staying outside Orissa, that could make them happy a lot when they have a glance at the website after there busy schedules…. That could win the hearts of thousands of Oriya ppl staying outside Orissa. That could provide lots and lots of Information about Orissa and services for Oriya People across the globe.

Orissa has loads of things which are unique with in them selves but world is unaware of these things like Handicrafts, famous Oriya Silk, items of pipili. Mission of fullorissa is taking Orissa to the world and enabling services for Oriya people at their fingure tip.

Here is a list of some of our services as off now

We have our development office at Hyderabad, and operational Unit at Orissa


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