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Oriya film to be released in the Year 2012

February 2, 2012

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Mission, Vision, Achievements, Profile, Updates : FULLORISSA UPDATES…

February 7, 2011

Author: bulu
Posted: 07-February-2011 at 4:23pm

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Tourists paradise : Orissa Tourism

January 30, 2011

Author: Daulatkumar
Subject: Orissa Tourism
Posted: 28-January-2011 at 7:48pm

In the worldIndiais great Art, historical, religious and cultural is very old.So it is alwaysproud for it. India is a huge country with an plenty of tempting magnetism –mountains, desert, beaches, scenery, temples, and the past — sprinkled fromone side of its soil to the extra.In this country Orissa is most important andits art and culture is different from others.Really i want to more about inIndian history.

Fore more detail us :Orissa Tourism

Tourists paradise : Puri Sea Beach

January 30, 2011

Author: sneha123
Subject: Puri Sea Beach
Posted: 28-January-2011 at 4:13pm

Beautiful  !!!!! its so nice picture,,,,,thanks for share with all………..

Domestic and Foreign Bikes, Streetbike / Sportbike Forums : Honda CBR 250 R in INDIA – Photos, Videos, Specs

January 28, 2011

Author: bulu
Subject: Honda CBR 250 R in INDIA – Photos, Videos, Specs
Posted: 27-January-2011 at 8:23am

Honda CBR 250 in India – Photos, images, videos, specs, features, booking open


Honda has begun taking bookings for the new Honda CBR250R across its select dealerships and the deliveries will commence from April 2011

Excitement for the launch of the Honda CBR250R is reaching newer heights with each passing day and now the big news is that Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India has started taking bookings for the CBR250R at its dealerships across the nation. We hear that the first CBR250R is already booked in Thane and the first bike will be delivered in starting week of April 2011 when nationwide deliveries commence. One can either head to the nearest Honda dealership to get the booking done or then he can register on the HMSI website and wait for the Honda salesperson to call up and get the formalities done. Minimum booking amount is just Rs. 5,000 and there are plenty of pocket-friendly finance schemes that one can avail of.

The bike is costing Rs. 1.50 lakh (ex-showroom) for the non-ABS version and Rs. 1.75 lakh (ex-showroom) for the ABS-equipped variant. There are two colour schemes available – red silver and black silver while the trademark Honda red-white-blue combo is only available in the ABS model. Honda sure has stepped on the gas and it is well-prepared to grab a sizeable market share in the burgeoning premium motorcycle segment in the country. The Honda CBR250R successfully fills the existing gap between the Yamaha YZF-R15 and the Kawasaki Ninja 250R, which where a good substantial of enthusiasts reside in. The Honda CBR250R takes inspiration from the larger VFR1200F with regards to its styling and offers an extremely comfortable and composed riding position suitable for daily commuting as well as long-distance riding – two main categories of buyers found in abundance in India. The pricing also is spot-on and considering the fact that the bike will be locally manufactured in India and then exported to international markets like Europe, only goes out to say that the quality of parts and build will be of a world class level. More dope on the CBR250R will be out in our next issue. Keep watching this space.


Yes! It has been officially confirmed! Honda will manufacture and sell the CBR250R in India from April 2011 onwards. As Honda will produce this motorcycle in the country, expect a mouth watering price tag of less than Rs.1.5 lakh.


Update 18/1/2011: Honda CBR250R bookings open – the price is, as expected, Rs 1.5 lakhs. Read more.

Now, are there going to be many takers for the Rs. 3 lakh Kawasaki Ninja 250R? Bajaj better watch out. The Honda CBR250R just might have what it takes to rule the market for 200-300 bikes in India – and the Mahindra Mojo priced Rs 1.75 lakhs looks a bit silly! Of course, all that would work only if the bike really is priced at Rs 1.5 lakh – and things could change before the launch.

We have a bunch of photos of the Honda CBR250R for you below. Till the actual launch happens, guess we will have to make do with these photos as well as an occasional video!

According to Honda’s press release, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India will start production of the CBR250R next spring and extend sales from India to South America. Honda will also offer the CBR250R at a more affordable price in the diversified Indian motorcycle market by effectively carrying out global procurement of parts and materials.

honda cbr250r photo gallery 1Photo: Honda CBR250R

So what’s on offer with this performance bike? Honda CBR250R is powered by a newly-developed liquid-cooled 250cc 4-stroke, 4-valve, single-cylinder DOHC engine that is fed by an electronically controlled fuel injection system (PGM-FI). We expect power of above 30 bhp and torque above 18 Nm from this Honda engine.

honda cbr250r photo 2Photo: Honda CBR250R looking sporty in red!

The CBR250R looks every bit superbike inspired. The CBR250R bears a full-cowl body that boasts a highly advanced design, yet highly functional. Inspired from the VFR1200F, the headlamp fairing of the CBR250R has killer looks.

Initially, we had assumed that the upcoming 250 cc motorcycle from Honda would be the VTR250 – not so.

Photos of the Honda CBR250R have been appearing on the Net for a while – and now we have official photos too. We have a couple of them here for you.

honna cbr 250r front and back picturesPic: Not fat enough – but still good.

The Honda CBR250R comes with combined ABS, a first of its kind in a 250 cc class road sports model. CBS (Combined Brake System) and ABS (Antilock Braking System) are brought together in Combined ABS. This ensures limited skidding or wheel locking when applying brakes suddenly to avoid accidents or while using brakes over adverse road conditions.

honda cbr250r photo 2 

The Honda CBR250R measures 2035 mm x 720 mm x 1125 mm and weighs 161 Kg. The “Sports Tourer” tag is what would best describe the Honda CBR250R rather than a race track motorcycle.

The bike is expected to be offered in Red (similar to the VFR1200F Red), blue and black. The Honda CBR250R will roll on MRF tyres of sizes 110/70-R17 at the front and 140/70-R17 at the rear.

The premium bike segment in India is fast attracting bike enthusiasts. Within the 200-300 cc motorcycles range, bikers now have six options to choose from, consisting of: Bajaj Pulsar 220, 220F, Hero Honda Karizma ZMR, Karizma R, Kawasaki Ninja 250R, Mahindra Mojo and now, the upcoming Honda CBR250R from April 2010 onwards in India.

Honda will launch the CBR250R in Thailand next month. Once, the specifications are leaked, we will you know all the details of the CBR250R. And of course, we’ll try to snag a test ride for you!

Oriya Movie Prem Rogi Official Website, Trailers, wallpapers n more…

July 29, 2009

Hi, is live with the official website of Oriya Movie Prem Rogi

For Video Trailer, Wallpapers, Photo Gallery, Cast details, reviews etc… just have a look at the above url.


The movie is going to be released on 30th of July, dont miss it.

Here is the link for Gallery

Here is the link for Trailer


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Kanchi Avijana -1 (Sri Jagannath Leelaas… )

December 14, 2008

Kanchi Avijana –


There was a king named Purusottama Deva in the Gonga Dynasty who ruled over the state of Orissa.


He was a great devotee of Lord Jagannath.


He considered lord Jagannath as the owner of everything.


Sri Jagannath Kanchi Avijana




Once he went to the South India, He reached a kingdom called Kanchi, and set up his tent in a garden in capital city.


There he met the princes of Kanchi – Padmavati. And both came to know each other. Later the king was invited to palace of the King of Kanchi who, along with his queen was very pleased with Purusotama Deva and offered their Daughter in marriage to him.


Pursottama deva was very happy with the proposal and accepted gladly.


He returned back to Orissa.


Later the King of Kanchi sent hi minister to Pursottama Deva with an official proposal for Marriage.

It was the time of Ratha Yatra, so King Pursottama Deva asked the Minister to stay for few more days so that he can enjoy the Famous Ratha Yatra of Puri.


The Minister was quite happy to see the same.


On the Ratha yatra day, Lord Jagannath, Lord Balbhadra, and Lady Subhadra along with Sudarshan Chakra were brought from the temple to their chariots. Thousands of people gathered to see the parade.



The Minister of Kanchi saw that King Pursottama is standing infront of the chariot with a broom in his hand. Later he started sweeping the road infront of the Charriot. Seeing this the minister felt very bad. How could a king do the work of a Chandala?


He was very angry with this act of the king. So he returned back immediately and said everything to the king, stating that how can we put the hands of our princes in the hands of a chandala who sweeps the Road.


The King of Kanchi without understanding the situation agreed to the minister opinion and decided that the princes should not marry King Purusottama.


This act saddened both Pursottama deva as well as princess Padmavati.


And in the mean time the King organized a Swayambara ceremony where he invited every suitable man from all the districts except King Pursottama Deva.


Hearing this Pursottama Deva felt very bad and was very angry with this act of the King He challenged the King for a war.


The king of Kanchi was very powerful and was a worshipper of God Ganesha. So he placed a condition. If atall he wins this war then The lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra shall be surrendered and shall be placed behind to his deity of Ganesh. And if atall Pursottama Deva wins the war then he shall surrender his Deity Ganesh and shall be placed behind to Lord Jagannath, Balavadra and Subhdra.


When Purusottama Deva was forced to leave the battlefield when his camp caught on fire, he felt it was a great insult. He was immediately concerned that he would lose the deities from the Jagnnath temple, and that they would be placed behind Ganesh in Kanchi.


The King began to pray Lord Jagannath: “Oh lord please help me, due to being engaged in your service of sweeping the road, the king of Kanchi was insulted and cancelled my marriage. If I am defeated in this battle, is it not also your Defeat?  It is a great insult to you.


That Night, lord Jagannath appeared in the sleep and asked him to continue in the war and this time the Lord is going to help him on the war.


The King awoke very happily to receive this support from the lord.



To be continued…

CHATUR YUGAS – Satya, Teta, Dwapar, Kali Yuga

November 11, 2008



Amongst the four era’s, the Satya yuga is the first and the most significant one. This era began on Sunday, Vaishakh Shukla Tritiya day which is also known as Akshaya Tritiya. This extends up to 17,28,000 years. God incarnated in four forms i.e. Matsya, Kurma, Varaha and Narsimha in this era. Knowledge, meditation and penance would hold special importance in this era. The average height of people was more than what it is today. Every king would attain the pre-determined attainments and would experience bliss. All the four pillars of religion i.e. truth, penance, yagya (religious sacrifice) and charity were present in totality. The only text which was considered credible and was followed was Manu’s Dharma Shastra. Satya yuga shall be established by Kalki again after the Kali yuga. The average life expectancy of a human being in Satya yuga was approximately 4000 years.

At the end of this era when the Sun, Moon, Jupiter together enter Pushya Nakshatra that is the Cancer Zodiac then the Satya yuga shall begin. During this time the stars/constellations shall become auspicious and radiant. As a result it shall accrue in the well being of all creatures and the health will ameliorate. It is during this auspicious time that Vishnu’s Incarnation Kalki shall take birth in a Brahmin family. This incarnation shall be mighty, intelligent and valiant. He shall engage in good of all benefactors. At the spun of the moment, no sooner he thinks he shall be armed with all the weapons, armours and an army, he shall be coronated king who shall know no enemy. He shall be benevolent and a radiant Brahmin and shall be the one who shall emancipate the ones in misery.

He shall be the one and only one to destroy the Kaliyuga and initiate the holy and divine Satya yuga. Bhagwan Kalki in the Satya yuga shall destroy all the dacoits and robbers. He shall perform the Ashwamedha Yagya and shall donate this entire world to the Brahmins. His success and deeds will be divine and sublime. He shall establish the auspicious ideals and principles propounded by Lord Brahma after which he shall go to the forest to practice penance.

After this all the generations to come shall follow the ideals established by Bhagwan Kalki and shall engage in religious activities. Accordingly on the advent of the Satya yuga all people shall engage assiduously in good, sublime deeds.

One shall witness the emergence of beautiful gardens, Dharmashalas (Resting Inns) and majestic temples. One shall see the execution of many a huge yagyas. Brahmins, sages, ascetics according to their nature shall be absorbed in penance. Ashrams shall be devoid of the wicked and the deceits. This era shall usher better agriculture and one shall be able to grow all foodgrains in all seasons. People shall generously donate and will follow all the rules and regulations mentioned. The kings shall protect their subjects and earth very sincerely.

The Vaishya (traders) of this era shall engage in trade and business very justly and honestly. Brahmins shall be engaged continually in religious sacrifices, study, teaching, charity etc. The Kshatriya (warriors) shall be inclined towards exhibition of valiance and might. The Shudras shall sincerely serve the Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas. This form of religion shall remain intact and absolute in the Satya yuga.

One shall witness the total establishment of Sanatan Dharma (eternal religion). During the Satya yuga, the child was not ruined when the father or mother expired. All the gods, demons, Gandharvas, Yaksha would give up their hatred and differences. The Rik, Sama and Yajurveda were not separate and demarcated. This era was devoid of agricultural activities or rather any other type of activity. Just by mere contemplation one would beget desired results. The only religion that was relevant was- the renunciation of vested interests. People in this era would never fall ill. No one would try to point out faults or demerits in anyone’s personality. The personality was not plagued by demerits alike ego, sorrow, violent thought (aggression), jealousy, hatred, backbiting, fear, anger and lethargy.

At that time, the colour of the Supreme cosmic soul that was situated in the heart of one and all and the saviour of all the sages was white.

All the people that are Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras were embellished with all the good qualities. At that time, the only saviour of all the people was God. People would practice austerities and penance to attain God. All would be inclined towards the supreme knowledge and all actions performed would be in the intention of attaining celestial bliss.

In this way all these divine people would be bestowed with sublime faith and piousness. Albeit, people were segregated on the basis of Varnashram method, they would all reponse their faith in the Vedas and the Sanatan Dharma.Because these people were devoid of selfishness, they would effortlessly attain sublimity or union with God, which is a salient feature of Satya yuga.Very valiant, mighty, intelligent and people gifted with all good qualities would take birth in this era. They would surprisingly give birth to thousands of children. Great sages embellished with divinity would take birth in this era.



One sees the advent of religious sacrifices i.e. Yagyas in the Treta yuga. One pillar of the four pillars of religion meets its end. The colour of Bhagwan Achyut becomes red. People in this era will be truthful and would perform all the religious ceremonies according to the sacrifices. It is the Treta yuga where one can see the overtures of Yagyas, religion and allied activities. People would beget desired fruits by performing actions, donations mentioned in the Vedas and by taking resolutions.

All people in this era were assiduous and active. The main religion of Brahmins was truth that is truthful speech, good conduct and love towards all creatures. The common religion of all the Brahmins was Yagya, self-study and donation. The primary aim of Shudras was service towards Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas. The duties of Kshatriyas and Vaishyas were the protection of people and agriculture, trade and poultry respectively. All people would sincerely adhere to their respective duties and as a result they would be blessed with celestial bliss.

The average life expectancy of a human in the Treta yuga was approximately 3000 years. All the Kshatriyas born in this era were valiant, zealous, big thinkers, pious, truthful, beautiful, suitable to be blessed, revered and the protectors of all people. The Vedas, religious sacrifices and Varnashram were adhered to very strictly in the Satyayuga and the Treta yuga.




There are only two pillars left of religion in the Dwapar yuga. Here Bhagwan Vishnu assumes yellow colour. Here the Vedas are categorized into four parts that is Rik, Sama, Yajur and Atharvaveda. During those times the Brahmins were knowledgeable of two, some of three and some others have studied all the four Vedas thoroughly. Accordingly because of this categorization, even different actions and activities came into existence.

People were engaged only in penance and charity. They were kingly and pleasure seeking. In this era, the divine intellect ceased to exist, hence seldom anyone would be truthful. Consequently people were plagued by ailments, diseases and various types of desires. After suffering from these ailments people would perform penance. Some would also organize Yagya for material benefits as well as for divinity.

In this era, the Brahmins were involved in Yagya, self-study, donation and teaching activities. The duties of Kshatriyas were protection of subjects and the duty of Vaishyas was trade, poultry and agriculture. The duty of Shudras was to serve all these three classes.

The Kshatriyas in this era were humble and performed their duties by controlling their senses. The king would avail to the advice of the learned scholars and accordingly would maintain law and order in his empire. The king who was addicted to vices would definitely end up defeated. One or two or all from Sama, Dama, Danda, Bhed and Upeksha would be brought into use and would attain the desired. Kings were diligent in maintaining public decorum and order.

Kings would plan many a conspiracy surreptitiously along with the scholars. Strong people would execute work where execution of policies was involved.The king would appoint priests etc to perform religious activities, economists and ministers to perform monetary activities, impotents to take carte of women and cruel men to execute heinous activities.

Brahmins would attain celestial bliss by engaging in penance, religion, control of senses, restraint, Yagya etc. Vaishya would attain higher planes through charity and hospitality.The Kshatriyas would honestly execute all policies of law and order without being angry, cruel and being devoid of greed and consequently attained bliss.The average life expectancy of humans in Dwapar was 2000 years. All people in this era were zealous, valiant, courageous and competitive by nature.

One sees that the life expectancy began to fall in this era because of neglect of Varnashram, Vedas and Yagyas. Vedas became inactivated during the Dwapar and Kali yuga. At the end of Kali yuga somewhere they shall be seen and some places they shall be seen and some places they shall not be seen.




At the end of the Dwapar Yuga, when Lord Shri Krishna renounced the world and went to Goloka, at that time Kali Yuga, the source of all chaos took birth in the minds of the ignorant. When king Yudhishtir realized the advent of the Kali Yuga that is chaos, greed, violence, debauchery and lies, he expressed a desire to go to the forest and do penance. Accordingly, he abdicated the throne and coronated his grandson Parikshit as the king.

When Kali Yuga met king Parikshit, he was shivering with fear and said humbly:” O king! Brahma created 4 eras that are Satya, Treta, Dwapar and Kali Yuga. Satya Yuga enjoyed his reign for 17,28,000 years and went away. Treta Yuga enjoyed his reign for 12,96,000 years and Dwapar Yuga enjoyed his reign for 8,64,000 years and passed away. Now the time for me has come to reign which is 4,32,000 years and you tell me to get out from your empire. You rule over the entire world. Where should I go after all? O king! What is once proposed by the Gods cannot be erased or eliminated.”

Kali Yuga told Parikshit that:” You point your fingers on my flaws and demerits but do not see my merits and positive aspects. I am embellished with sublime merits. That is the reason I request you.

During the Satya Yuga if any one inadvertently committed a wrong deed the entire kingdom had to bear the punishment. During Treta, if any one committed a wrong deed, the people of that town had to bear the punishment. During Dwapar Yuga, if anyone happened to commit a wrong deed, the entire family had to bear the punishment, but in Kali Yuga, he shall only bear the punishment who has committed the wrong deed. I am not concerned about anyone else.”

Unlike the other eras where one had to inevitably bear the punishment for a wrong and bad thoughts, In my era, this shall cease to happen but one shall be bestowed with good fruits who thinks good.”

Even after listening to this, King Parikshit did not relent, Kali Yuga said that he was endowed with yet another sublime merits. He said:” One could fulfill all ones wishes and desires in the Satya Yuga only after practicing penance for 10,000 years. Similarly in the Treta Yuga and the Dwapar Yuga, one had to collect a lot of money and perform Yagyas and had to engage in charity, penance, vows and worship for a 100 years respectively to fulfil ones desires. Unlike the others, in this era, if one even prays to God for sometime with total faith and devotions and sings the praises of the Lord, he shall fulfill all his desires within no time. He shall be liberated from all his sins and shall consequently attain salvation.”

Listening to this King Parikshit was pleased. King Parikshit finally allowed Kali Yuga to stay and allowed him four places where he could stay, liquor and wine, where a prostitute stays, where there is animal slaughter and where gambling would be allowed. Kali Yuga humbly pleaded that his family was very big that is it comprises of members like lust, anger, greed, ego, jealousy, lies etc.

How shall all of them fit in these allotted places? On this king Parikshit said that they should all then dwell in gold. In this way, Kali Yuga resides in the 5 places allotted by king Parikshit. Those people who yearn for higher ideals should not even go near these five things.

In the Kali Yuga, by seeking the blessings of Lord Jagannath Puri, one shall attain salvation. In the Kali Yuga, there is no average life expectancy of humans. Even a child in the womb can die inspite of his mother and father living..

Humans taking birth in this era will usually be radiant, bad tempered, greedy and untruthful. The personality will be plagued by flaws such as jealousy, ego, anger, pleasure, instinct, desires and greed.There shall be only one pillar of religion in the Kali Yuga. Here the idol of Bhagwan Vishnu has assumed a black colour because of the inherent chaos and delusion. Vedic conduct, religion, Yagya and Karma all cease to exist.

All types of problems such as ailments, lethargy, anger, mental diseases and hunger, thirst tend to aggravate. Gradually even happiness and comforts of humans become decadent and morbid. In this era Brahmins do the work of a Shudra and the Shudras alike the Vaishyas amass wealth or alike Kshatriyas engage in allied activities and earn their livelihood.

In Kali Yuga, Brahmins shall renounce self-study, contemplation and shall eat every thing that is prohibited. They will no more be inclined towards penance and on the contrary Shudras shall take interest in recitation of Vedic chants.

In this way when hypocrisy reaches the zenith, it initiates the final annihilation. Many a king of the inferior category shall reign the earth who shall be sinners, unfaithful and wicked. Kings of places such as Andhra, Shaka, Pulunda, Yavan, Kamboj, Bahrhik and other wealthy Aamir shall become kings. No Brahmin in this age shall earn his daily bread and butter honestly.

Kshatriyas and Vaishyas shall engage in all duties other than those, which are coveted. All shall become less valiant, they shall be short lived, will lack energy and strength. Humans shall be short in height and shall seldom speak the truth. All the directions will have snakes and animals. Some people shall meaninglessly talk of Brahma Jnana. Shudras shall criticize the Brahmins while the Brahmins shall praise and eulogize the Shudras.

Many a creatures, insects etc. shall take birth in Kali Yuga. All things that ought to have fragrance shall not be that fragrant, and food shall relatively become tasteless. Women shall be short and have many children. Women in this era shall be immoral and licentious by nature. Most people shall be traders of food while Brahmins shall sell the Vedas. Most of the women shall engage in prostitution. In the Kali Yuga, there will be very less milk in the udders of the cow. Seldom will there be fruits and flowers on trees. There will be excessive number of crows in comparison to other birds. Brahmins will engage in killing and shall take donation from kings inspite of lying. Brahmins as a whole shall be imposters and feign to be very pious and pure. They will harass the common people for alms etc.

Householders shall indulge in robbery because they will be unable to pay up their taxes. They shall disguise in the form of sages, ascetics and earn their livelihood. Even people who are celibates shall give up their purity and engage in intoxication and shall have illicit sex. People will engage in all those material activities that ushers physical energy only. All Ashrams shall be a haven of all imposters and they shall be totally dependent on food from others. During this time, seldom shall it rain and even the yield, production of grain will not be satisfactory. People will be aggressive by nature and consequently unholy and impure. The ones indulging in irreligious and blasphemous acts shall emerge powerful and prosperous. Those who are righteous shall be in penury.

Just by amassing a little amount of wealth one shall become proud and they despite having wealth shall have an eye on others wealth and property. In Kali Yuga, girls, 8-10 years old shall become pregnant while boys of the age of 10-12 years shall have children. On the sixteenth year itself the hair will turn white. Youth shall become alike old men and old men shall become energetic and youthful. Women will engage in sex with inferior men, servants and animals inspite of having a good husband.

Religion, truth, thoughts, pity, age, energy, memory all shall get gradually emaciated and drained. People will love only their own children and family and will not hesitate to deceive their own friends, benefactors.Judges of events shall favor the wealthy and the impoverished shall be denied justice. One who constantly blabbers shall be called a saint and one who is in a miserable state will be called an imposter.

Any lake or reservoir situated far away will be referred as a holy shrine. Growing hair will be an indication of beauty. People will take interest in religious actions so as to become prosperous and successful. He who subdues the others shall be self-proclaimed king. Subjects to protect their families shall seek refuge in caves and caverns and will lead a miserable life.

People will be plagued with all types of extreme climatic conditions. Average life expectancy of a human being in Kali Yuga will be approximately 20 to 30 years only.As the delusion will aggravate people will become weak and devoid of radiance, medicines and food will plummet and all the four stages (Varnashrams) will be represented by Grihastashram (householder’s duty). By the end of the Kali Yuga, The God shall reincarnate to protect religion and to destroy all evil. Lord Vishnu shall incarnate and shall give refuge to all that are good and righteous.

When Sun, Moon and Jupiter together enter the Pushya Nakshatra and cancer zodiac at that time by the inspiration of time, a divine and strong child named Vishuyasha Kalki shall take birth in a Brahmin family in a village known as Sambhal.

He shall be the saviour of one and all and he will possess weapon on the spur of the moment. He shall emancipate this world from all miseries and create happiness. He will put an end to the Kali Yuga and shall create a novel Satya Yuga embellished with truth and beauty. Bhagwan Kalki shall recoronate all the Brahmins as the rulers and will massacre all the outcastes and inferior (barbarians)



July 31, 2008

Hypocrisy and furtive dealings abound in nuclear matters. Every moment ran unleashes the awesome power of the atom and countries, all over the globe are engaged in stockpiling of modern sophisticated weapons. They do hesitate to desist from frantic and suicidal competitiveness in securing dreaded nuclear weapons. What is pity is that the after impact of such a race will end in a green signal of that total annihilation of mankind in a nuclear holocaust. These are the patently observed conclusions one can easily arrive at.

In contrast to this belief man is also a patron of peace. He lives in historical perspective. He is well acquainted with the potentialities of nuclear weapons, technology and the lethal possibilities it carries with it. The experience of two colossal world wars and others nine wars launched very often are too bitters to impart lessons. Though man is inspective by nature historical lessons may plant an “instinct of preservations” uprooting the destructive industrial. He breeds no courage to a risk wars thereby pose threat to the survival of mankind.

Nuclear secrets and clandestine production of thermo nuclear weapons have reached a staggering end. Each nation engaged itself in the competition of producing war materials. The potentialities and progress of nuclear weapons sometimes are not made public. This situation creates a fear anxiety and psychological complexities with nations themselves, as they cannot guarantee a victory in all cases. Mutual fear acts as an antidote to the war mongering nations.

War and peace are closely related. Without war the intensity of achieving peace is faintly dim. The bitterness of war is capped with hatred. When sweet smell of peace is a historical fact. When violence and destruction reach at pinnacle, the bolections Ashoks turn into religious one’s. It is not because of their possess, but they are made by time.

Faith in United natives organization is also an expression of faith in peace. The member countries make an allegiance to maintain peace and harmony and in return U.N.O. has got an institutional sobering effect on the Psychology of war mongering attends. Though any country out pacing another is the faced of nuclear weapons network has the obligation towards the wound body. They must adhere to the parameter set by it.

Blood and gross pre-occupation in nuclear warfare without any significant heed sold opium; hurt the international image and  recognition of the producing countries. A country’s progress and prosperity is nuclear weapons-production and use field is subject to international Law and codes. A stiff rise in the production of these weapons may pick other countries attention and the producing country is to reconcile what other thinks good. More or less, explosion of weapon is regulated by the mass ideology of world orders.

Web Services for Orissa – web portal of Orissa

June 24, 2008

Web Services for Orissa – web portal of Orissa

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