purionline.com is now www.fullorissa.com


This is Bulu Pattanaik from http://www.fullorissa.com ,

I would like to let you know, our past project http://www.purionline.com is now live with the upgraded version with a new domain i.e. http://www.fullorissa.com

Here are the links of few of our service, please have a look at them and let me know your feedback…

http://news.fullorissa.com (Orissa News Portal)

http://music.fullorissa.com (Oriya Music Portal

http://blessings.fullorissa.com (Online Puja for Lord Jagannath Temple)

http://gifts.fullorissa.com (Send Gifts to Orissa)

http://mail.fullorissa.com (First Email Server of Orissa)

http://games.fullorissa.com (your free time portal)

http://travels.fullorissa.com (Book hotels online at a cheaper rate)

http://orissa.fullorissa.com (Information portal on Orissa)

http://yellowpages.fullorissa.com (Yellowpage listings)

http://recipe.fullorissa.com (view and share your favourite oriya food)

http://chat.fullorissa.com (Chat with your online friends)

http://search.fullorissa.com (Search for anything on Orissa)

http://fullorissa.com/classmates (meet your schoolmates, batchmates)

http://video.fullorissa.com (view and share your favourite videos)

http://classifieds.fullorissa.com/ (Orissa Classifieds service)

Two subdomains for Oriya movie industry


Comming up services from our development team

http://movies.fullorissa.com (this is done comming shortly)

http://property.fullorissa.com (Orissa Property Bazaar)
http://jobs.fullorissa.com (Orissa Job Portal)
http://matrimonial.fullorissa.com (Orissa Matrimony service)
http://store.fullorissa.com (Store for Unique articles at Orissa)


Bulu Pattanaik


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